Things about things: THE FOURTH

I am posting another journal today for some reason! Fun! Anyway, I guess I will talk about my thoughts lately. My first thought is about my elective. At the moment I have PLTW (Project lead the way) as my elective and it is pretty cool, I guess. We get to use computer modeling software, learn about engineering, create imaginary projects, and build things. But now I am getting interested in three other electives: band, choir, and modern music and video productions (this is one elective). I’d have to stay after school to be fully part of these though. I have to think it over before winter break ends. My second thought is about my depression. After 7 months I thought that it was gone. I now realize that I can’t get rid of it without help. My old depression was caused by being a disappointment to everyone, loneliness, and secrets. Eventually I found out that no matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t live up to people’s standards and tried to drown myself. I don’t remember how I stopped myself or why, because my mind has forced it to be forgotten. Now I am self-conscious, my anxiety is eating me, and the effects from my old depression are killing me inside. I am trying to get better and telling someone about it helped me. My final thought is about what I would wish for if I had 20 wishes. First of all I would cure all diseases. They have caused enough suffering. Then I would stop world hunger. Then I would probably end up using about half of the wishes for other people and use one for  a portable fortune teller where you type a question and it answers it with real answers. The rest would change on the time. What would you wish for if you had 20 wishes?

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