Three People, One Body

I feel like I am made up of three people. The first person is the happy one who is shy, kind, but afraid of everything. She hides behind the others to be protected. The second person is the outgoing, rebellious, but panicky one. She tries to  be outgoing but panics and turns everything all wrong by attacking or freezing up. The last person is the depressed one, the one who tried to make everything better, tried to be the best, but failed so she lost faith. After she failed, she was forgotten and wanted to be remembered as the person who tried. All of them mix together and become me, the girl who protects herself from people to not disappoint any of them. People scare me, failure scares me, and being left behind scares me. The seemingly strong personality is a facade to hide the cowardice. The cowardice that lies in all three of the people. They are all scared and trying to seem like they are okay. It’s not okay. It will never be okay. But it can get better

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  1. @ California Dream, LunyLove
    Thanks for your comments! I also feels good to know I am not alone with this! (This is way to deep for my age, I should be all flittery and such.)

  2. First step to improvement is identifying what has to be worked on. I can tell that you know yourself quite well from your writing, and believe that you will keep on making progress as you dive within yourself.

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