zoes fall

my cat went for promise to major concern again.she liad on the loveseat struggling to move again. watched her close trying to help her get comfortable.this is when i saw her legs were moving alot more than the have sense her fall. i let her be and went to the computer.soon i herd a meow i got up to go to zoe and she was sitting up calling me.not on her back legs but on her but however she was sitting up.i fixed up a bin with a pillow and some pads ,she was still leaking (her pee was going from red to pink).i placed her inside the bin and then carried her around the apartment so she could have a look .she seam really pleased with this. last place i took her was into the bedroom and sat the bin in the spot where she sleeps .she was so happy with that her eyes shut and we stayed there for awhile.later i placed her back on the love seat and things were not good after that she constantly rustled around and seam very upset.she did eat though,i mushed up her favorite wet food and added water which she drank like a soup but after still continued to trash around.i thought she might be in pain so i gave her some of her strong meds and we were up all night again.she would not sleep and i could tell the effcts of the meds were hard on her.they wore of by dawn and another day up.

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