Christmas Eve, Parties, and Rambling


These are my questions from before.

I just remembered that for the first time in 8 years that I am going to spend Christmas Eve at my own house and for the first time in 5 years I will wake up in my own house on Christmas. Usually, my mother, sister, brother and I go to L.A for a party with relatives and stay the night at my aunts house, but this year my mom’s car battery died and she can’t drive my dad’s car (My dad drives a stick-shift) so we get to stay at home. I am actually quite happy about this. I didn’t want to deal with my aunts, uncles, and cousins treating me like a five year old and just hanging in the corners alone and such because I do different things than they do. Just because I am younger, haven’t been in a romantic relationship, know about reality TV, like the newest music, or have a cellular phone doesn’t mean that I am some little child that doesn’t know about anything. Regardless of my mother’s car battery dying, she said that we probably wouldn’t have gone anyways (For her own personal reasons). I am kind of relieved. If we did end up going in the end, I could’ve brought my notebook to write in, but I don’t trust my younger cousins not to mess with it (Whenever I bring anything, they try to mess with it. One time I had a project to do over the break and one of them scribbled all over my papers, another time I brought my laptop and they were fighting over it,even thought they have their own computers, and almost dropped it, but I snatched it from their hands. They aren’t young either. They are like 1-3 years younger than me.). Well I am kind of rambling now so I guess I will stop it here.

**I accidentally deleted all of this by typing that last period while everything was highlighted. Luckily, I have an undo button so I didn’t have to retype everything. I just had a little panic and was screaming internally.

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