zoes fall

i was so tired made coffee it helped alot than thought about my cat.she had falling over three stories from my balcony onto solid rough ice and had servived it.still could not believe this was happening.zoe had not slept much either but she was also in pain and drugged up.my cat is a fighter,nine lives maybe used up aleast 6.my sister agreed to watch zoe through the next night so i could get some sleep.zoe had not had a bowel movement yet but was peeing alot which took up alot of pads .i change them regularly because she would sit in it if i did not.looking around i thought what a mess iam in what a mess these place is,time to get it together.so i did i clean sorted and stocked up on everything i thought i would need to take care of my cat. i prepped everything for my sister to have for the night i was going to bed at 10 30 and sleep till 9 cool.zoe started to eat that afternoon awesome good sign,then she stretched her legs out and stared moving them even tried to sit up all positive but no business out the back.i call the vet and made appointment for next day and went to bed when my sister showed up.my head hit the pillow and the next thing my mother was waking me up,its nine o’clock she said i got up right away i wanted to see my cat.i walk into the living room and zoe was lying up right looking very pleased. i rushed to her and she responded with loud purrs.she looked way better today.zoe had been eating alot through the night and was responding better than ever at this point.i was told that it was going to be a slow long process if she would recover.i was happy and my cat seemed to be doing great.i took her to the vet to get reaccessed even the vet was sirprised than came bad news.upon further exam it has shown there was a spinal disruption and it was serious but could be improved on through treatment but alot of things would have to go right.zoe still did not go yet and this was for concern her organ could fail her.there was still alot of blood in her pee.i took zoe home and she was not happy.one step forward and three back.

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