zoes fall

zoe was still feeling the effects from her meds and that kept her awake we both had breakfast.zoe ate well again still no poo.my mother came over to watch zoe while is went skiing for a couple of hours.when i came home zoe was sleeping in a completely different position then she has this whole time.her right side must of been the contact side.my poor cat had falling into darkness and landed .still if she probably landed any other way she would be dead.they had feed her a half can of tuna.i changed her pads and now have to clean her backside up also because still can,t move well.this evening has been good i get to sleep tonight because my sister will watch zoe through out the night.i have wrote these up to todays date very quickly left out alot of detail.i will fill in later.i will give my cat a fighting chance if she will take it.anyone that reads this please send positive thoughts for my cat zoe.she is 13 and a Siamese ,with incredible heart and affection.iam tired i will go to bed and dream of a healthy cat when i wake or at least some progress.oh yeah about 30 mins ago she kicked both her legs together.have a great night zoe

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  1. Sorry to hear about your cat:( I have a little sweet dog named Sprout and would be so sad if anything happen to him. so I know how you feel that way. I will keep sending positive thoughts your way for a recovery for Zoe:)

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