Bye bye baby

Last night I broke down for some reason. It was all in the moment… one of our favorite covers was playing in the car, it was dark, you were kissing me, and it hit me– this was our last night together.

It’s crazy how my feelings for you have become so strong, like nothing I ever imagined. I always knew I had something special with you, but these past few months together have really pulled me close to you. Each goodbye is like my heart is breaking and I count down the seconds until I see you again. The goodbyes never get easier.

I’m about to take a few shots and force them down my throat. I just want a little happiness tonight. It would probably be easier if I could text and call you more easily, but with entire countries separating us, it’s not so easy.

Really, it’s only 27 days until I see you again… it’s less than a month. It shouldn’t be too bad, right?

See you soon, babe.

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