Is it strange that I feel inferior to my younger sister? She has always gotten better grade than me, she can draw much better than I can, she grows like a normal person, has no health problems of any sort, is pretty, and isn’t an emotional and mental mess. As for me, my only high point is writing and I am not even very good at that. She can be the best without trying, she can handle her life. As we come back to me, no matte how hard I try it isn’t good enough and I break down because of that. My sister’s somehow got all the good traits in health and body while I got the bad ones (meaning I am in the worst health of all my family and look terrible.). They are always so proud of her. Always. As for me, it doesn’t matter.It never matters when it comes to me. I know I am complaining again, like I tend to do a lot now (woe is me) but I just need to write this out. I should suck it up, but I can’t. I am trying, but I can’t.

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