To eat or not to eat!!!!!

Why is it so hard for many of us to lose weight…..I mean we try or shpoulf I say we perhaps don’t try hard enough..


I for one am overweight (hence this entry). I know I should limit my food intake, avoid carbs, we are told carbs are the devil incarnate of foods but research shows not all carbs are pur mortal enemies,,,,,,Anyway getting back tomy over indulgence I find myself questioning why I eat the foods I dp & why I struggle to lose weight..

My intentions always start with a good back bone but after one session at the gym my back bone quickly loses it strength and becomes fails to help me stand firm in my futile attempts to lose weight.

Why do I eat all the foods that are bad for me? I think it has something to with not eating on time, mistaking hu get for craving,,,and a little or loads to do with being gloutonus,,

Just now at lunch I had a scrambled egg which was semi healthy (it was made with butter) but I made matters worse by having left over pizza…

One thought on “To eat or not to eat!!!!!”

  1. I was never heavy until i retired 7 years ago. Now my metabolism is so slow. My husband and i went on a lifestyle diet here 8 months ago I have loss 25lbs and him 53lbs. All we did was lower our crabs took out all sweets except for fresh fruit and lower fats and portion control and watch our calories. And the main thing to any diet is exercise. If your moving you will lose. It has to be consistent at least 6 days a week 30mins to 60 mins in that day. I have a very bad back so me and my husband invested in a recumbent bike and i love it. I do 20mins on that a day and walk 30 mins a day.I would suggest not to stress out just start with little things and get more exercise in your day.

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