What the f***ing hell is going now?

It happened so fast. One minute we’re talking and laughing and the next we’re arguing. All of a sudden jay is’nt who i thought he was. All I want to do is for us to get back together. I just want him to sit beside me and tell me it was all just a big misunderstanding and eveything’ll be okay. I want him back and yet I don’t want him around me either. I’ve tried everything. Shopping sprees, hangin out with other guys,…… but all i can think about is him. I don’t even think he cares about me as much as i care about him. I feel like I’ve wasted all my time and energy on a loser. Maybe jeff was right, we were never meant to be. Why do boys have to be so hard to understand. It’s all because some idiot has a crush on me. Jay knows this and yet he stands up for him and now the idiot has succeeded in splitting us. The only way i knew he was trying to hit on me was because the day after we split this jerk comes up to me and begs me to come out with him and we barely have 5 mins till the next class starts. I feel so mad at him n jay. What kind of retard does that? Who splits two people up n asks the girl out the very next day? I don’t want to feel like this anymore. I don’t wanna talk to him, sit beside him… or anything n yet i can’t shake off this feeling of being so alone. I want to be happy again. I don’t wanna feel this way anymore.

One thought on “What the f***ing hell is going now?”

  1. Although I have never personally been in this kind of situation, I had something quiet similar to it happen. All I can say is, fight for what you love. If Jay is who you want then maybe try to just bring whatever you two had back? Pretty much do not give him or the other guy the benefit of the doubt. Let’s say you, Jay, and some other friends are hanging out. Just have fun, smile, and enjoy that time with friends. Maybe every now & then bring up some good memories you and him had? Trust me, it helps. Although it may not work, but there is no hurt in trying(: I wish you the best of luck!

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