Interesting 4 days

Feeling:Freaked out, Pissed,Lonely,depressed (Quite a mixture)
Date: 23/12/13, Monday



Where do I begin? I wasn’t going to write an entry now but I’m bored. These 4 days without internet has been boredom for me x.x

Have you ever trusted someone then they suddenly betrayed you? Well that’s the case for me this week with my mum. Her boyfriend bought her a new iphone 4S for her birthday but I’m using it for the mean time because I don’t have a phone since I need it for emergency incase. One day I let my friend go through my phone and she put a passcode on it and it disabled because I kept trying the passcode so when I got the chance I restored it then it said Activate Iphone and add your Apple Id you used to set up the phone and I didn’t know it, so long story short I told my mum’s boyfriend about it and he added a passcode because he thinks I go on facebook to do some bad stuff which i have no idea about.

So this week I finally knew the passcode because I saw him put it in and I told my mum i knew it because I asked and she said she doesn’t know which  I didn’t believe so I told her not to tell him that and next thing you fucking know she went to his room and told him and he just laughed. So the moral is don’t trust anyone even your parents because you have no idea what they’r up too.

That was fucking long. It’s school holidays and I have no idea what to do. My dad is suppose to be on skype because he’s in Canada but he’s not so I’m basically bored. I feel really unhappy living with my mum( My parents are divorced) my mum thinks I’m a bad kid because of what her boyfriend says even after everything I’ve done for her. I’m still freaked out to remember about last night, I went to bed at 3am cuz come on it’s holiday! We were sleeping at my mum’s boyfriend bedroom because it was hot like hell and he had an air conditioner so when I went to bed, She got up and went to the bathroom I think? And I was wondering what was taking her so long then she came and said something to her boyfriend then He got up and went to the bedroom and next thing you know their having sex next to me like what the fuck?! No wonder my mum got up because she was a horny bitch. But the lights went off and I’m there fucking shaking and I couldn’t sleep the whole night because of what happen I only had like 3 hours sleep max and woke up pissed.

I’ve got nothing left to type about but if i think of something I’ll make another entry


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