I am going to change!

I have decides that I need a new “restart” (Quoting Viriya here). I  am going to try and change the way I think of things, what I do, and my looks (only a little bit, like straightening my hair, wear some nicer clothes stuff like that.). I am even going to make a to-do list so I can know what to do. It is time to let go of the past, not repeat it with a bad attitude. Things may not be okay, but as I said before, it can get better. Here is my (uncompleted) list.

                                    LIST OF THINGS TO DO BEFORE JUNE 2014

1) Write at least 400 entries on here.

2)Tell my crush how I feel (History will not be repeated!)

3) Share something about my life in the community circle

4) Finish at least half of one of my stories (preferably the one I started last year)

5) Become a calm, collected, and nice person

This is all I have for now. This should be at least 20 items when it is finished. I feel so enthusiastic and excited! I will be amazing on the outside as well as the inside! People will finally know who I am! THIS IS SO EXCITING!! I will live louder, better, and joyously!

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