My 2014 Bucket List- #1

I decided to put this on its own separate journal. Some stuff is important and others are silly, but goals need to start somewhere. Here it goes:

1) Write at least 400 entries on here.

2)Tell my crush how I feel

3) Share something about my life in the community circle

4) Finish at least half of one of my stories

5) Become a calm, collected, and nice person

6) Go to a school dance

7) Learn how to speak a different language

8) Cut my hair shorter

9) Get my first kiss

10) Dance in the rain

11) Do NaNoWriMo

12) Release the regrets of the past

13) Memorize the Periodic Table of Elements

14) Decorate my bedroom walls

15) Watch a horror film

17) Try 10 new foods

18) Have an actual conversation with at least 3 of my cousins in L.A

19) Sing out loud

20) Create 5 things through the arts

21) Celebrate Pancake day (March 4th)

22) Clean my room

23) Eat a Klondike Bar

24) Run two laps in under 8 minutes

25) Have a Shamrock shake

26) Try Coffee

27) Ride a horse

28) Go to someones house (this would be my first time ever going to someone’s house besides a relative’s)

29) Add a wish to a wish tree

30) Learn to ride a bike

31) Wear a pretty dress

32) Carve my name in a tree

33) Learn to cook

34) Make a collage

35) Watch all the How It’s Made episodes available on Netflix

36) Learn how to play an instrument

37) Learn how to knit

38)Learn how to sew

39) Create a dream board

40) Go on a hike

41) Co-write a story with someone (Not 20W3L Or Anabella, or any solo projects like those)

42) Design something fantastic on Inventor Pro

43) Hug my best buds (I haven’t done this due to my issues with personal space and such)

44) Complete a Self-discovery or personal survey

45) Draw 2 self-portraits (who i am and who i want to be)

46) Learn how to create flash animations

47) Go into every classroom in the school

48) Learn long synonyms to simple words

49) Analyze holy books, guides, and stories

50) Stop cursing! (or at least control it)

51) Say a speech in front of at least 20 people

52) Finish all of the web-comics I read.

53) Memorize the alphabet backwards

54) Sell all of the X-Box games I have been trying to sell for a year

55) Watch some cartoons (I should already be doing this since I’m a child, but I don’t really watch TV)

56) Order the sweetest thing on the menu at IHOP

57) Play Truth or Dare (I did this last year at school, it was the most fun I had in months)

58) Go on 10 rollercoasters

59) Make a time capsule

60) Search up things that have to do with high-school (programs, classes, schools.)

61) Send Letters to all my friends

62) Leave Thank-you notes on all my teachers’ desks

63) Go to a festival

64) Learn to swim

65) Go fishing

66) Watch the ball drop, on TV (January 1st)

67) Study in the public Library

68) Create a romance chart (for myself)

69) Paint all my nails, each a different color

70) Get my best bro and me matching ring pops and act classy.

71) Make a list of places I want to go

72) Plant tomatoes

73) Learn all about Poetry

74) Make a list of 100 quotes from 100 different songs

75) Renew my McAfee¬† Subscription (Nah, I’ll just not do it for the next 3 months, oh wait I already ignored it for 3 months)

This is what I have for now. I will continue to post until I get to 150 things, and keep you posted on what I complete.

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