My 2014 Bucket List- #2

This is going to be 76 to 100.  I will later post a complete list. I am not going to start on any of  the things on the list (except the 400 journal posts) til January first.  6 more days until this party gets started!

76) Buy something from a food truck

77) Bake many delicacies. (Cupcakes, cake, cookies, etc…)

78) Go to the kids section in a bookstore, read all the books.

79) Donate something to charity

80) Take a free class online

81) Memorize the lyrics to 10 songs

82) Check out a self-improvement book, do all the steps

83) Write 6 ideas a day for a whole month

84) Don’t get in an argument for a whole day

85) Start a change jar

86) Make a list of things I want to do (jobs, classes, colleges)

87) Find things to do in the community

88) Sort through my clothing

89) Clean the back yard (haven’t cleaned it since August…)

90) Make an “Awesome Weekend jar”

91) Tip someone working hard

92) Learn to Code

93) Be honest with the people around me

94) Unlock the purple lock on my table (It isn\’t as easy as it seems, i forgot the numbers and it has memories attached with it…)

95) Write a song

96) Improve my handwriting

97) Throw away those old notebooks (Again with the memories. They would be useful normally, but my handwriting was illegible so the facts inside are useless. I really need to let go…)

98) Stand up for my self (I will not be pushed around any longer!)

99) Learn how to properly write dialogue!

100) Learn how to not procrastinate

I FINISHED THIS! It took my all day (from 9 am to 6:47 PM) but now I have my goals. I became really excited and just made a giant list. YAY!

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