New Years Resolution!

This is my first post and I’m pretty much excited about it…..I couldn’t think of a topic to write about so I just came up with an idea of New Years’ Resolutions which for me are obviously plenty…For starters… My New Year Resolutions are:

1-Write in my journal daily.

2-Read all the Vampire Diaries books.

3-Complete atleast 25 fashion sketchbooks.

4-Secure highest marks in my preparatory Exams.

5-Complete my unfinished diaries.

6-Win the Student Body President Title.

7-Stand Up for myself.

8-Become a better citizen.

9-Memorize all of 1D songs.

10-Make a new friend every month.

11-Do a good deed every day.

12-Actually finish some of the resolutions I screwed up in the past.

13-Start exercising.

14-Get Facebook.

15-Be more awesome.

16-Become independent.

17- Be funnier.

18-Be nicer.

19-Be better.

20-Listen to different types of music.(I already do but planning on more)

21-Stop being so annoying.

22-Write a novel. (started already but hoping to finish it)

23-Start organising your time and following a work schedule.

24-Start a new diary and write down my thoughts.

25-Do something every month that scares me.

26-Don’t make promises I can’t keep.

27-Take a ‘before’ shot of myself and then do something every week that works toward what I want my ‘after’ shot to look like.

28-Be on time to everything.

29-Stop moaning about things I don’t like and do something about them.

30-Think of better new year resolutions.

I know I wrote half of the resolutions above from but honestly I want to do all of these. Precisely I need to do these things……I’m getting sleep and It’s really getting late so I have to go. I’ll think of more resolutions then write them down…..


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