Short Story: Silent Scream

Hi everybody this is the story I was talking about in my earlier post, like i said any comments are welcome, positive or otherwise. Thanks in advance for anybody that took time out of their day to read this, it means a lot to me !!! -rbosman

My name is Annabelle Swanson, and this is my story.

It began on my 7th birthday, when mom came home from the doctors and told the family the news, she had stage one Alzheimer’s. We couldn’t believe it. After all these years and there hadn’t been any signs of her illness, and now we suddenly find out that her life was ticking away. It wasn’t fair.

They say Alzheimer’s kills the person’s soul long before they physically die. This was understatement for what we went through. First it was just forgetting things on the grocery list, but it progressively got worse. Then it hit. Mom couldn’t remember any of us. Finally her final day had arrived. By some miracle some of her memories had come back, she remembered her wedding day and my brother’s graduation, but no matter what we tried she couldn’t remember my name or who I was to her. This is where I begin or I guess to be more precise, it was where I began to end.

Twenty years have passed since mom’s passing, and to this day I can’t get that memory out of my head. How couldn’t she remember me?  I thought to myself. Where am I now you ask? I’m in this place this I am forced to call home. But this isn’t home. There’s an expression. Home is where the heart is and this is not where my heart is. My heart has been buried on the corner of Wilmot and Anderson on plot 32 B. That is where my heart was buried. With my mom and now I’m alone. I don’t know what to do.


I sat there in the pitch-black darkness of the house my father bought me. He said it was going to be the start of my new life, where I could learn to let go of the past and begin to do this for me, and nobody else. But how could he assume something like that. I wasn’t like Bobby, who joked about our mother’s death. I couldn’t move on. I didn’t want to. And as a matter of fact I didn’t think I was capable of moving on. Its not who I am or ever will be. I will not be who my father wants me to be. I am going to be my own person. I just wish mom were here.

It was time for me to bring the rest of my belongings from the street, up to this god-forsaken apartment. Its time for me to “start my new life” even though I didn’t really want to. I walked downstairs to grab the kitchen supplies, keeping the door up so I don’t have to keep unlocking it every time I brought another box upstairs; it was a safe neighborhood I guess. And even if it hadn’t been, I didn’t exactly have anything worth stealing. That was the first time I saw her. The little girl from apartment 1H.

First it was that cute nose that I saw, it was the nose of a child, one that hadn’t experienced any pain. Then the rest of her head submerged from the doorway. Crisp, golden curls bounced and she jerked her head sideways so she could get a better view. I smiled at her. The door slammed shut. Had I done something wrong? It was just a smile…nothing horrible, a harmless smile. I decided that I would try talking with her later. But thankfully I didn’t have to. On my third time back up from the street carrying things, I noticed that the door had been opened. But there was no little girl in sight. “Where had she gone?” I wondered. But just as I had turned around to close my door one last time I saw her, standing right in front of me. With a great big smile that could melt the fiercest soldiers heart.
“Hi there!” she exclaimed. “My name is Olivia, but mommy and daddy call me Liv, so you can too if you want,” she said with a wide smile.

“Hi there Liv,” I struggled to say. Children don’t usually talk to me. “My name is Annabelle, but my mommy and daddy called me Bell when I was a little girl just like you. So you can too if you want.” I returned the smile

“Belle. I like it! It’s like the princess from Beauty and the Beast!! I want to be best friends with a princess!” She exclaimed even louder than before. I chuckled.

“I guess that means we’re going to be best friends,” I said beaming. The little girls smile and happiness was contagious. “Do you want to come over to my house tomorrow and we can have a tea party?”

“Umm…” she said suddenly sounding worried. “I’ll have to ask my mommy tomorrow because I have school.”

“How about I pick you up from school and we can have a proper tea party. Like real princesses do.” I said with a smile

“OK!” she shouted one last time. She had accepted me. Problems and all I little innocent girl had accepted me.

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