Two in One

It’s only the fourth day of my journal posts for my new years resolution *see earlier entry* and I’m already behind…old habits die hard I suppose. But for once I think I have a semi decent excuse as to why I didn’t write yesterday or at least it was good enough for me to pass up the opportunity to write, and partially because I didn’t really have much of anything to write about, I heard once that great writers can make something out of nothing, I guess I’m not a great writer, maybe I’m just good, or not good at all… or maybe its just an untapped resources that I have yet to slave away to hence its still not unlocked, but I’m rambling, and I sure as hell know that anybody who reads this isn’t reading to listen to ramble…..

BUT ANYWAYS please enjoy the pop of color I’m somewhat bored

Yesterday was Christmas eve, and I guess that has some warrant to qualify it as a reason why I didn’t write, but I’m Muslim not Christian and my family celebrates Christmas purely for the presents…that sounds selfish and what not and I’m sorry for offending anybody if I have (actually no not really sorry, its my beliefs not yours right?) but since I’m a Muslim we have Eid and Ramadan and those events are at different times of the year every single year. And its not like I get school off for being a Muslim I can’t just get a week off for my religious holiday even though every school seems to find it perfectly acceptable to do so, so much for separation of church and state am I right? There I go again I’m rambling, back to the topic: WHY DIDN’T I WRITE LAST NIGHT? Well honestly it was because I was tired. I know that doesn’t exactly qualify to most people as a good enough reason but I was in and out of the hospital twice in 2 weeks. One time from being too stressed!! And god knows why the other time, but anybody that has been into my life knows that its been very stressful and whatever medical issue I have is induced from too much stress. So simple as that I was tired. Tired of what? You may ask…. well tired of everything.

The year is coming to a close so it’s just the right time to make judgments about the year without mincing words. I don’t know about the rest of y’all but this year has been a f*cking roller coaster *pardon my French* 2013 started with heartache, gone for 3 weeks and the guy that claimed he’d never had a relationship shorter than 2 years, decided that me being away was getting too hard so I cut the kid off, and that as the end of things. Then my mother and I got into a giant argument over I don’t even remember what, but we ended up not speaking for a month, which was during the time my college acceptance letters we’re coming. So really the happiest part of my senior year was left in scorn.


Next up was prom. Prom at my school costs an arm and a leg, lucky for me I didn’t pay for the tickets, but that’s what’s expected. Anyways, the guy that I was going to prom with was my boyfriend, and I ended up finding out a week before that he was cheating on me….bummer? Kept him around long enough so I had a date and then 2 days later “broke his heart” in his own words. I know that makes me sound like a bad person but everything was already paid for an the arrangements were all made and he just went and messed it all up….a few weeks later I started talking to my now boyfriend *from time to time I refer to him as my manion (man companion) so if you see that its talking about him* but anyways I met my manion and his best friend at the same time, two of the sweetest most amazing guys might I add* except at the time I didn’t know they were best friends and it was a giant mess because I liked them both…. But if anybody wants to know more about that email me, because that qualifies as a post of its own.


Summer was fun and hard at the same time. The manion asked me out in July but since he lived around my soon to be college we were quite a ways apart, so that kind sucked. The way I see it, in the beginning of a relationship you want to be together right? So yea, it wasn’t ideal but we made it through with not even a scratch. That was an ongoing battle but during the summer I spent most of my days working out and hanging out by my pool, friends we’re usually there. Went to more movies than I can count, got third wheeled more than I would have liked, and had an overall awesome time with my friends. Then fall came around and I was coming to start my first semester of college, of course the manion was there and apart from a weekend I went home, and now when I’m in a different country we’ve been together everyday. A smidge excessive but we have to make up for the summer. First semester proved harder than I thought, but luckily I finished with all B’s and unfortunately one F but I’m retaking the class so it doesn’t bother me that much. During first semester I finally turned 18, bought my first pack of cigarettes (I don’t smoke anymore) and lotto ticket, so that was eventful. Did roommate shots with my roommate and our friends, and found out it only takes drunk me 20 minutes to distinguish between peoples names. Yes I am proud of that because sober me has yet to learn the name of the girls on my floor. I had 2 panic attack like things, ended up in the hospital both times, smoked too much hookah for my own good, and for the first time had to deal with an idiot boyfriend who doesn’t pay attention to his own allergies (If you read this I love you, and you’re my idiot).

But that’s about it, the beginning of my year didn’t start off that great, but now that its ending I can say I was happier than when it started and I’m finally starting to feel at ease. This post went up on Thursday 26, 2013 because my Wi-Fi cut out too early last night and I guess it didn’t actually upload, so here’s the one from yesterday and I’ll be sure to put one up tonight for today. Thank you to anybody who took out time of their day to hear me rant, and I hope my rants serve as a little distraction for anybody that needed it. Happy Holidays


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