Another Prayer to God

Dear God,

I want to tell you thank you. Thank you for everything you have given, done, & put me through. I know life has it’s rough spots & i appreciate you responding to my prayers. Thank you for my mom b/c w/o her I’d be nothing. Thank you for my brother b/c he’s the only one I got. Thank you for Phillip even though Austin and I could’ve treated him a lot better. And I just want you to know I am trying to be a better , calmer, less-stressed person.  And I want to be as close to you Lord as I can. Anything you want me to do I will do it. Forgive me for all of the times I’ve said your name in vain and wash me clean of every sin I’ve committed. Please take my soul and do with it as you will. Please walk with me iun the right direction and change my heart. I want to be a good person. So from this day forward I promise you I will continue reading at least a chapter a day and continue with a daily gospel video. I really love the New Spring one. Also I don’t know how my current pregnancy is going to end but I pray you will let this one make it. I am ready to be a mom and to be a great one. I’m so scared of miscarry again. please don’t let that happen. I want James for the rest of my life and only him. and I believe he feels the same. Please let my child in heaven know I love him / her. and I think about him/her all the time. And please hold that baby in your arms tonight and give it all the hugs and kisses you can until I get there.  And please help me stay calm for the child inside of me and please let this kid make it thought I’ll be happy with w/e gender I get. Please protect everyone in the world and tell each and everyone you love them. I love you God and I give you every ounce of me . Speak to my heart and keep the sin and bad thoughts outta my head. I want to show my kids your love one day . God please feel the tummies of the hungry and let everyone have a place for the night. For I am here to serve you. For you Lord ar the one and only.

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