My Life

I’m happy with where my life is right now. I have the one thing in my life that makes me happy and always puts a smile on my face and thats reem. I know where my life is going. I plan on becoming a Medical Doctor that I have dreamed of becoming. I wish i would have told my parents about reem because i hated the lies, it like ate me up, because i would have to lie about being or going somewhere, just so i can spend time with reem. Im glad that i dont have to lie to them anymore, because telling someone the truth is a lot easier then not. I just want whats best for reem and i want to make her happy. I want to make reem and her mom know that im a MAN, im responsible, respectful, honest, sweet, nice, but also myself. I want her mom to know that her daughter is safe with me, that she doesn’t have to worry about anything bad happening. I love reem and i do more and more each day. I want her mom to know that one day when i have a stable job and finished with college i do plan on marrying reem. My mothers name is Samira, My fathers name is Jamal. My parents recently bought a house four months ago. My father is nice and cool and forgiving and he moves on and wants whats best for me like any other parent wants for thier kids. My mom is sweet and welcoming and honest and trustworthy and i love her. I got scared knowing reem came from a wealthy family, and started a lie that i wish i never told. I told her that our family lived in a million dollar house, I wish i lived in a million dollar house, but i think my life would have been completley different. Im so sorry that i made that up, i didnt know how you would think of me living in an ordinary house, because the first time I’ve been to your house i was amused, that you wouldnt like where i was grown up at. I’ve been raised well and i grew my very first years in Amman, Jordan. I have no family here, they all live back home. I havent seen them for 15 years. its hard man. I hate that i lied to reem. I honestly hate it. My dad when he came to the USA, he was working for a chain of stores owned by differnt Arabs, my dad had to make his way around for us, to bring food to the table each and everyday. It was hard for him because he would be on his feet all day. I cried when i was younger because of what hes been doing. Then my mom came to the USA, my sister was then born. I loved life and i still do. I had amazing memories and still wish i continue to have them. One day i was home, hanging out with my dad and then i hear the door break in the house and it was the FBI, they arrested my dad for nothing. From what i saw i was scared, as i watched them take my father away from us. It wasnt long before he was realeased with witness protection and full protection on the whole family. The reason behind all this was because he worked for the chain of stores owned by stupid Arabs, that dont pay their taxes, they owed 4.1 million dollars in taxes just for the stores in peoria, the stores outside they owed twice as much. A lot of court dates happend, and found that the stupid Arabs are guilty. Now i have protection and have an FBI agent i can call at anytime if im ever in danger. After all thats happend, our citizenship and green card got put on hold and it sucked. This is why i didnt have a green card, i got in my temporary green card in the mail a few days ago. This happend because when me my older brother and sister went to immigration court with my dad, my dad told them to give all te files to homeland security, and they would handle the process faster because of the whole witness protection thing. Im not to uptite on my religion as much as my parents. Its just who i am. I love my religion but im not involved as hard as my parents are. Im now attending icc, loving life with my amazing habibti, im thankful each and every day. I hope one day i can get on one knee and ask her to marry me. Reem is amazing, breathtaking, sweet, adorable, perfect, and angel fallen from above. I cant imagine my life without her. I cant imagine losing her. I have no doubt about me and her, and i just want to make her the happiest person in the whole universe because she is so amazing and i love her. I fell in love with her the day we went to chicago, i knew that day she would be the one i wanted to be with. Im just a lucky person to say the least to have a such a loving person in my life. Shes beautiful, gorgeous, she has her bad moods but i still love her. We’ve been through a lot. Shes amazing, and im thankful because she let me stay with her in the dorm, like by now im sure she is sick of seeing me everyday, she just won’t admit it. I feel like im a huge distraction to her because im around so much but she disagrees. Shes so caring and loving and honsetly my best friend, my habibti and my one and only.

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