zoes fall

its been 10 days since zoe fell from our three story balcony.she still can,t walk or use the bathroom well.she is moving her legs well and i can fell muscle tension in both.she also wags her tail a bit once is awhile.things were going good and then she caught a cold and has been sick since xmas eve.she is stuffed up bad,eyes and nose water alot.i bet she also feels terrible.she has slowed down on eating and drinking.zoe i hope its from the cold.my cat looks horrible and i feel so badly for this cat.i think she wants to fight to get better but this cold might be taking away her strength to do so.she is not responding positively and i have decided to give her sometime to feel better. i want to start rehabbing her physically try to get her to walk again so i hope her spirit is still there.on the 31st a doctor is coming to look at her and administer acupuncture.i have herd great things about this doctor so hopping for best.she has to make progress before feb 6 or at that time i might have to make some very tough decisions.i love my cat ,but her quality of life will be in question.going to bed now and will hope zoes cold will pass soon.iam trying to stay very positive for her recovery but its a grind.i will look for more strenght in myself thanx for the well wishers and the positive thoughts everything help at this  point      good night zoe

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