My so-called Life!


I know I should have written about my life in my first post but I guess I forgot….So here goes….My name is not Dehlia Ricardos. My name is Shameen Fatima. I’m 14 years old and I’m a Muslim girl. I have a lot going on my mind. I actually named my account Dehlia Ricardos because I was afraid of showing my true self but after reading people’s posts I realized that there is no one I can be better than myself. So I inspired by other users,I’ve finally decided to express myself as I am. 

   I’m an ordinary Pakistani girl who has a lot of dreams. I was born in a normal working-class Muslim family but I don’t know why I’m not thankful for it. My family comprises of My Father, Mother, My big brother and my little sister. My so-called father is a kind of psycho-type who’s job is to only eat,sleep and complain. As far as I know, he never care about any of us( I mean my family). My mother is the only source of our food, shelter and my studies. She is a caring mother and I love her alot but I don’t get to spend some quality time with her because she spends half her day at office and when she comes home, she is often tired and eventually goes to sleep. 

To be Continued………..

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