I love Canada

I’ll be honest this the the shortest post I will ever right. I’m a wee bit tipsy from drinking with the fam. And I have absolutely nothing but water and sleep on my mind. I’ll make up for it by writing something deep and meaningful tomorrow.


p.s. The fact that Canada’s drinking age is 18 and that they don’t even check for id (I am actually 18 so I didn’t break a law) is absolutely fabulous. The US should take notes

3 thoughts on “I love Canada”

  1. I’d rather keep the drinking age where it is. At that age, people are mature enough to handle alcohol. In general, I’m anti alcohol, it’s caused a lot of problems in my past.

  2. maturity wise i completely agree, half the things i see concerning alcohol while I’m at college is ridiculous, but i feel practicality wise kids are starting their lives at 18, if you’re allowed to die for your country at this age, you shouldn’t go out of your way to prohibit something that unfortunately most kids are already doing

  3. I think its up to the person with drinking. But I am with Lunylove. I also had a a lot of problems with alcohol in my past. When i was going though collage and nursing school it was bad and pot. But i did that a lot in my younger years pot more then drinking. And I party a lot and so glad I made awesome marks on my tests and passed with flying colors. I also was in a 8 year relationship with a alcoholic boyfriend and got to see what alcohol can do to a body and a mind.

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