New Years Eve

Hey y’all so today is new years eve and instead of getting ready for some party or taking care of last minute issues, I’ve accomplished getting upset at my significant other for once again no reason, getting pist off at my family, and staying in bed until noon. That last one I’m not even ashamed of because I’m in my bed right now typing this and because this bed is not only bigger but is more comfortable than my bed back home. But anyways, you know what I realized… how utterly absurd the entire New Year new me notion is. Anybody that has been keeping up with my posts knows I started this journal as a new years resolution kind of thing, which I know makes me sound a bit hypocritical with that last statement, but honestly Canada is boring, I left my actual paperback journal in the states, and I didn’t really have a desire to have a consistent journal any other day in the year. ***Might I add I’ve been doing this for almost a week and I think I’ve only missed one day, which I made up for the next day in the morning*** AS I WAS SAYING, new years is absurd. If you want to change or do something new or whatever your “resolution” may be you shouldn’t wait an entire 365 days (366 days for leap years) to start that. If you want to change or do something not in the norm of your life, you should do that right away. People say that their resolution is: following my dreams…stand up more for myself…travel to a country and have an adventure…or my personal favourite eat healthy and exercise. I mean come on people; y’all should be doing that everyday or at least working towards those goals everyday. There isn’t something lucky about starting at the beginning of the New Year, nor is it more beneficial to the person to start then either. If you want to change or do something different, then the best time to do such deeds is in the present.

Don’t wait for some hyped up day to start something you’ve been wanting for months because while all those people who quit on their resolutions 3 weeks in won’t be nearly as lucky as you, the person who changed and did what they had to because they wanted to. As the lyric poet Quintus Horatius Flaccus once said,

Dum loquimur, fugerit invida

Aetas: carpe diem, quam minimum credula postero


2 thoughts on “New Years Eve”

  1. I think the New Year is something for people to look forward to so they can make a new start or do something they would like to change and do. I agree with you. Do your resolutions now don’t wait for a new year. Time is not on your side so get them done now.

  2. I hope you and AZeid make up soon:) I’m going to a party, it’s at one of my aunt’s friend’s house. I have to wear nice clothes and talk to people I don’t know. Our flight back home is tomorrow, so we shouldn’t stay up all night, but we’ll be at that person’s house until midnight.

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