If you look in my eyes, you might get hurt.

They are hazel with black around my iris, know there is darkness inside.

A painted smile across my face, with powder pink heart lips.

Am I really happy, I honestly don’t know.

I think not though.

The marks on my wrists tell a story.

I wish I could remember what every mark meant…

What made this happen…

On and off for four years.

Feeling numb, then a sense of warm and the color red.

People say stop, but its easier said than done.

I say, “Don’t tell me what to do. This is my life.”

I wish people could know I’m not doing this on purpose.

I tell my family you made this monster.

Now let me fix this.

All those words flow out with one piece of metal.

Who would ever guess the girl with the beautiful eyes and painted smile;

Is really broken.

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