it’s not cool man

So it’s been snowing crazy for 2 days and it finally stopped at around 9:30. I got out to shovel the snow n noticed my neighbor shoveled snow toward to front of my car. I couldn’t take a pic of before I shoveled snow around my car cause I did not bring my phone at first time but my car’s front was basically all buried in the snow that my neighbor dumped. Thanks to my neighbor for giving me extra time to work out by shoveling snow. Spent about 30 mins to get my car out of the snow so I can just drive away tmw morning for work.

I was thinking about dumping back all the snow plus more snow to my neighbor’s spot but I did not do that cause I don’t want to be an asshole. However, looking at his spot that how clean he shoveled his spot gets me wanna be a selfish like him.

2 thoughts on “it’s not cool man”

  1. That sucks, but it’s a dog eat dog world, whatcha gonna do?
    I was supposed to go to school today, but we had snow and fierce winds, so we had an extra day of vacation:)

  2. Hey 2 wrongs don’t make a right lol do you want me to send a whole dump truck of snow your way? And dump it on his car? Just kidding but that is selfish. Like LunyLove says everyone for them self’s. Sad!

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