One night..kiss – situation!

Done I told him straight after I wrote out the last journal/thing. He was really upset, but he said it was just as much of his fault as it was mine. And he doesn’t blame me, as I am right. We don’t know eachother and we are far to different to ever be anything like that. He was to carried away in the ‘moment’ to remember that.

I can now live a free life again! Im glad we are back to normal. He is too 

Also to the weirdo who commented on my last one, telling me it was my fault, can go fuck ya self! It wasn’t my fault! Prick! So don’t you dare tell me it was! He started it so end of! – Rant over!

Also thanks Lunalove 🙂

4 thoughts on “One night..kiss – situation!”

  1. That guy was a prick, but his profile pic was a minion, so I we shouldn’t hate him too much:). You are welcome, I feel awesome now because of you:). I’m glad it didn’t ruin your friendship!

  2. I was supposed to put lunylove, but it autocorrected it, by the looks of it, but im glad you knew it was you, i meant 😛

    And yes! Yes he was! But yeah i do love minions! <3 xx

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