before i say goodnight

I’m writing a journal. Not used to 2014 yet kept writing 2013 on my paper journal. My typical days has began. Work, gym n home nothing really special expect for the freezing weather.
Today, I got 2 traffics from the company that I want to get it on my portfolio site. They only checked out couple pages though; probably not a good sign. However no matter what happens I will keep try n try.
Goodnight everyone!

9 thoughts on “before i say goodnight”

  1. I am having temps in the high 40’s and a little rain and that’s it. So right now i feel blessed but have been there done that snow ice freezing thing when i lived in New York.

  2. Yes i had my childhood there and left NY at 14 with my family and moved to Orlando Fl, My Dad died when i was 16 and we moved from Florida to Oregon and here I am and here I will stay. I love Oregon:)

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