Getting to know me i guess

Hey well my name is Danielle and that’s all you need to know, I’m 15 years old. My favourite genre is Rock etc etc etc, Fav bands are, The Pretty Reckless, Blood On The Dance Floor, Escape The Fate, Sleeping With Sirens anyway I think you get the point now. My favourite colour is Blue/Aqua/Turquoise. I love M&M’s. And I’m the oldest out of 3, There’s me my younger brother&Sister. Yeah your probably like well that’s not to bad and blah blah blah. But that’s not only half of it. I hide away my emotions alot, and I mean alot. I lack alot of self confidence and I hate my body the way it is, I have bad relationship problems v.v longest relationship was 2months, I fall to hard and get broken easily but I guess that’s what happens. I’m easily depressed, I put myself down for it to, I overthink stuff to much when I really shouldn’t because that just makes stuff twice as bad. I go to a all girls boarding school which is some of the problem, I’m constantly thinking everyone hates me and that I’m annoying everyone which isn’t a good feeling at all I get ignored alot. My bestfriend lives 1000+ kilometres away from me over a sea, she lives in Sydney Australia we have known each other for over 5+ years now she’s one of the only few friends I trust out of all of them. I don’t have many guy friends either ;-;

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  1. Welcome, Danielle 🙂

    An all girls boarding school? Bugger that! How do you survive? I would hate it, girls are so bitchy nowadays! And i would constantly die for a guy to attend the school, even if he was ugly, at least it was a guy to liven the place up a bit! haha

    I read these books by Louise Rennison, they are the misadventures of Talulah Casey (Georgina’s cousin from the previous books by Louise – they even have a film for her series of books called: Angus, thongs and perfect snogging – must watch if you haven’t already!!!) I seriously think you should give them a read. There is only three books in this series, the first ones called: Withering tights. Second one: A midsummer tights dream. Third and last: The taming of the tights. They are really good books. Talulah is a young girl, with many self confidence issues about her long lanky legs and knees! She attends a drama academy, for all girls. She is dying to know more about boys and get into the motion of being in love. You get an insight to her life and how she meets 4/5 boys from wolfie academy (all, bad boys, school, down the road) She isn’t the best with making friends but soon finds a small group and call them self’s the tree sister (you will see why in the book) there is a really good ‘love interest’ through out the story with two boys. Cain (the dark horse – real bad boy) is my favourite. And then there’s the ‘good’ boy, Charlie, who’s bad but only I some ways, unlike Cain! (Cain always reminds me of someone who would Kind of look like Jack O’Connell I think that’s why I like him the most. Where as Charlie reminds me of a mod. Nice and cute but I like the bad ones – that’s just me though, you might end up liking Charlie or any of the other boys in the books) But yeah, maybe you should give them a read! I love them! They are so relatable, and a bloody good read when you are bored and what something exciting to think about! You don’t have to though! Its just a suggestion. I but I think it might help you, as the way you described yourself, reminded me of her. xxx

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