what i hate about this!!!!!

Sitting at the desk in college, thinking to myself about why on earth I bothered to come in today! I have no lessons for god’s sake! I could have just stayed at home and gotten on with the house work, or gone out for the day to take photos for my photography work! urrgghh! I hate colleges for doing this! Just because we are sixth form students, doesn’t mean we don’t need cover for our lessons when a teacher can’t make it! It’s not hard to get the temp teacher to come in just to supervise us! We don’t even need to have any help, in that way, as we all know what we are doing! And just because he’s (the teacher) is not in today, means no one is allowed in the photography room to do any work! I need to use the fucking dark room to develop my film! urrgghh! I hate this college! There are so many teachers doing fuck all just sitting in class rooms playing games on their phones! Why can’t they come and do that in the photography room/studio so that students, like me who actually want to learn and work, can!? Seriously! I’m so pissed off right now! I have to get a taxi to college and back, everyday! It cost me a fortune to actually have an education! And for what! For no bloody teacher to show up! This is the second day back and still I haven’t had one bloody lesson! It just takes the piss! I wouldn’t mind as much if they called or texted me to say, oh I’m sorry but your teacher is unavailable to take the class today, so your photography lesson will be cancelled. – That would be fine! Matter of fact I would really appreciate that! I even told the head of the college, that that is a good idea, as a lot of people are just like me and we have to pay to get in. (fuel, taxi, train etc…) so it would be extremely helpful. As I travel a long way too. I live at least an hour away from the college! And you know what she said? This – “Yes that is a good idea, but as you know we already pay out for texts and phone calls to inform our ‘younger’ students that the college/school is open, so I’m afraid wasting our money on sixth form student just to tell them there lesson is cancelled, is just a waist of time.” What an asshole! Am I right??? We are just as important as the other students in the college (it’s a school and a college – but it’s just called a college – it’s weird!) I don’t see why ‘us’ sixth formers have to be cast out like this. It’s more useful for us to know if a lesson is cancelled especially if that’s the only lesson/class you have on that particular day. It’s alright on some days, as I have English as well, but at the moment, my English teacher is away on holiday still and won’t be back for 2 weeks! Again more of my education down the fucking drain! Its no wonder, we don’t fucking pass the tests, if there’s no one here to teach us!


Okay, rant over! I needed to get that out of my system. Also please excuse the language, but Jesus
! Its so stupid! Now I am just thinking on whether or not to stay here all day till my taxi arrives latter or pay out even more to get him to pick me up earlier? I dunno! xx

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