College and trying to diet! haha xD

All back to normal! Been back in college since Tuesday and I already feel like I have been here for weeks and weeks! I don’t know why it is, but no matter what age you are, you will always find school and colleges etc… quite draining. I feel so tired and stressed and it’s only been three days. Ah well. I guess it’s due to the fact, the older you are, the more you work, and if you are like me, after college you go straight to work, or on your days off you go into to work all day. No one ever has anytime off.
My week days consist of, going to college, then to work and then home to do the housework and cook! And on days I don’t have college, e.g. Wednesdays and weekends, I’m at work all day. Saturday I’m there from 8am till 6am Sunday morning. Then I am cleaning and doing the housework all day Sunday!
Don’t get me wrong I’m not complaining, I like to keep structure in my life. And I have always had a busy lifestyle. I guess it’s what you have to do, when you have other to care for. It’s not all about you. I know this is the exact same thing mothers say and do. They all care for their family and only get love in return. But I think that’s all you ever need, to know you are loved and cared for, no matter how they show it, or even if they don’t, you know they do. I love that. It’s lovely.
Anyway, I need to stop blabbering and getting all soppy! There’s no time for that 😛 Also I am going healthy again! Fun! No literally its fun. I like it! Its nice and I love the feeling of accomplishment I get by the end of it/when I see results. I started last year and lost 3 stone in ruffly under two months. And for a girl with really bad rheumatoid arthritis that’s really good. I have never been on a diet before that so I was well impressed. But I started around October and then stopped it around the end of November/beginning of December, as it was near Christmas time and I wanted to have ‘bad’ food! Haha! Cheeky I know. But I have started up again and am hoping to loose at least another 4 stone! As did you know a girl of my height (5’8) and age (18) the ideal weight is 10stone (140lbs) No wonder the hospital didn’t like my weight before I lost 3 stone 😛 I am currently 13stone (fat bastard!) But I’m really happy with that as you can guess/know how big I was before! I was really unhappy and was that weight because I was depressed at the time. But everything is back on track now and I want my weight there too! 10 stone! I have never been 10stone in my life! Haha xD so if I can get there I will be over the moon! Wish me luck! Xx

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