The one

Have you ever met someone and knew they were the one. The one that’s literally there for better or worse. The one that would let you cry for days on end and never leave your side. The one that would hold you all night so you’d ever get cold. The one who can’t see them self with you in the end because it is just the beginning. The one who wants to travel the world with you. The one who tells you every waking moment of everyday how your there everything , with out even actually saying it. The one that will wait for you. The one that is faithful, even if your many miles away. The one who you want to know everything about, inside and out. The one your crazy about. The one that would take care of you when your sick. The one who will be full of surprises, just for you. The one who actually understands you. You know that one. Well if you dont, one day you will.

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