What I Did During The Christmas Holidays!!

Above, is a photograph of my/our  son at 14 yrs: he turned 35 on January 5th – 2014!

As most of my bookmarks know, we do not celebrate christmas, or the

“holy days,’ but we do celebrate our birthdays, our anniversaries and

our childrens’, or our friends’ accomplishments.

Well, what have I done during these christmas holidays??

I have read so many books in the last two weeks, you wouldn’t believe!!

I’m doing a book every 3 or 4 days! Have just this afternoon finished Jeffrey

Archer’s “12 Red Herrings.” Last Wednesday,(christmas day ) I read his book,

“Eagle Trap ” and it was SOooooo good! I couldn’t believe what a wonderful

author he is, but then he would probably say that it comes from being, first, an

English teacher,so his grammar would have needed to be spot-on; then he was

the Defence & Diplomatic Correspondent for ITN’s “News at Ten,” so he would

be expectedto write well, wouldn’t he?!! He writes thrillers, set in recently war-torn

countries… probably in places where he had had first hand reporting experience,

after having researched the political situations’ in the countries or amongst the

different factions and communities who were at loggerheads!! Now, of course he’s

Lord Jeffrey Archer, a member of the House of Lords and the English aristocracy,

so his ‘english’ had better be above par! In ’12 Red Herrings,’ he reads as though

he’s propping up the bar in the local pub, drinking a pint of bitter and telling yarns.


Ive planted vegetables in large plant pots and they are coming into flower;

cucumbers and tomatoes. Will begin eating my silverbeet in a couple of weeks.
I’m walking the 1 kilometre to town and home again, pushing my wheelchair

and using it as my parcel carrier. I am getting fitter. I can feel it in my body and

I feel strong on the inside. Sometime in 2014 we will leave Carterton and the

Wairarapa and I want to be strong enough mentally, emotionally and physically

to be able to deal with it. David and I are beginning to sort through our stuff,

discarding what is not essential, only keeping what is needed.

He has gone through a harrowing time too. Now that I am improving and getting

about on my own, I know that he feels redundant, but that’s part of letting

go of me as a health hazard and seeing me as a well person who no longer needs

a carer. I know, jobs are hard to come by, but he has to learn to think outside of the

box: I would like for us to live similar to the way we lived on the island. I’m picking

that we wont need to work for somebody else to make our living, we only need to

work at producing our own food and trading the produce with others for what we

need; (i.e.) timber, posts, concrete, roofing iron etc… It’s almost a fantasy in this day

and age, but it’s certainly still achievable. When we are in need of actual cash, we

could always operate a monthly produce stall at the Farmers’ Market days. Selling

smoked fish, raw goats milk, (kept in a hired, Refridgerated van,) cheese, yoghurt, bread

loaves, pizzas, chutney etc…. the Good life!!??

Emmi :)



4 thoughts on “What I Did During The Christmas Holidays!!”

  1. Hi-di-Hi to everyone! Sorry I couldn’t let you know that I was going off-line for a few weeks! It’s been wonderful, and I shall only come on-line perhaps once a month from now on. I am working on getting myself really fit.
    XXX to all!

  2. Did you have a accident emmi or just feeling out of shape? I am also glad your back I love hearing about your flowers and veggies your growing. Can’t wait to do mine this year.Glad your feeling better and getting healthy.

  3. No accident, Charlotte dear! I am still under specialist care after the near-death experience from Heart failure, last year. I am in the 2nd year of a two-year recuperation period. It’s summer – so a great time to exercise outdoors. I have lost so much weight, have had to take out my sewing machine and made my Summer clothes smaller so I can fit them.I feel so much better!
    🙂 Emmi

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