You’re next…!

So, one of my best friends sent me a picture of a girl in our sorority who just got engaged today. In the message, she wrote “There’s no hope for me…” and I laughed, responding “me either!”

Honestly, the picture kind of gave me hope though, in an almost mean way. The girl’s boyfriend is not too attractive in my opinion, and neither is she, therefore both of those factors give me a little hope… My friend then messaged me back, “You and Jorge are next!” My response was, “yeah right!”

As crazy as it sounds though, I can see myself with Jorge for a while. It’s only been almost 4 months, but we have an amazing relationship. We can even go months without physically seeing each other and still make it through. It sure is fucking tough, but we always make it through. I really believe that shows a lot about two people and their commitment to a relationship. It also shows their willingness to be independent, while still staying true to the relationship. Even apart, Jorge and I talk every day. Of course since he’s in an entirely other country, it’s hard for him to find service which can make me frustrated and hinder us from communicating. However, I always feel like it truly brings us closer. After a month of not seeing him, I know I’ll get butterflies to see him again. They always come when I see him.

I know it’s crazy to talk engagement right now, and don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying we will. All I’m saying is that I wouldn’t mind being in a relationship with someone this special for a long time. With the craziness of how we met, got separated, and found our way back years later, sometimes I really do think we were meant to be.

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