Happy New Year! (Son at 14 yrs – now, 35 yrs!)

New Years’ Celebration.


Hello again,


I know I haven’t been here for ages, but One of my New Years’


resolutions is a promise to myself, to spend much less time on-


line! Physically, mentally and emotionally, I am feeling so much


healthier; oh and spiritually as well!


Over the 2 week holiday period, I have been walking out with my


wonderful husband, and although the going was frustratingly


slow at first, we have persevered and I have picked up ny walking


rate, and no longer have a noticable limp! Hurrah!!


We are in the throes of full summer, but thankfully the weather is


NOT as heated as it could be, so it’s quite wonderful for walking out.


(David & the dog run-trot!) I push my wheelchair and carry my


handbag, raincoat and/or umbrella on the chair seat. I never walk


as far as they run, and we go out early, around 7am, before there


are too many people about!


My sons’ birthday tomorrow; (I only have 1 son, he’s the youngest


of my 3 children!) He will be 35 yrs old. Happy Birthay baby boy!




Meanwhile: in Wales, Nads and her husband Jay have bought their


1st home. It’s in Ponty Pridd. They are in process of painting, re-


decorating etc…. because it is a very old place and has alot of


history attached. I am so excited for them. She was a little worried


about spooky stuff being attached to the house, but I told her that,


spooky stuff only attaches to living people, not inanimate objects,


and certainly not to houses. So, she is now merrily painting the rooms


of their little cottage. I am SOoooooo pleased for them, I also wonder


if they have children??? I have a photograph of Jay, (Nads’ husband)


posing with a little boy whose dressed as Judge Dredd: while she takes


the photograph. She has no family other than Jay, in Wales, and he


has no family other than Nads, in Wales – so why is he posing with


a strange little boy, if it is not his son! And why is Nads taking a


photograph of them???? – Truly suspicious!!!!?????


Emmi 🙂


2 thoughts on “Happy New Year! (Son at 14 yrs – now, 35 yrs!)”

  1. Oh emmi so glad you wrote i have missed you and your writing. Hope all is well with you and your New year is going well. You have a very nice looking son very handsome. I am doing well and sprout is doing good. He has his 4th birthday the 13th and we have had him now for 2 1/2 years so glad you are ok and write soon.

  2. Charlotte, Have left replys to your notes. Thank you for your concern. Isn’t this place the greatest!! My David’s birthday soon. He’ll be 46 yrs old….old… man!
    🙂 Emmi

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