my weekend srarts today!

Yay my weekend starts today. Just got home from work and I don’t have to go to work till next monday cause I got thursday n friday off. I dont really have any plans, had to use my PTO otherwise it just gonna go away.

Feels good to be having a long weekend except for one thing that I’m in middle of the project that I’m really excited about. I got pretty much done today n I will probably finish up tmw at home. If I don’t do that tmw , I know it will bugs me all the time for like 4 days. All I have to do is apply new design n check everything works ok. Yes I can totally sacrify couple hours for that.

Tonight, I’m gonna have some drinks with my friends.

There were traffics from yahoo today. I don’t really know what’s going on yet.. we will see. Have a good night everyone!

2 thoughts on “my weekend srarts today!”

  1. I’m sorry Sprout that I’m changing parkMartini to something completely different. parkMartini was not doing good and my new idea kind of goes with the name so I decided to use that domain.

    I’m working on party finder website that you can find parties or events to go in your area. I still have a lot more to do but you can definitely check it out if you want.

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