I just want to relax

Today has been a pretty much bum day for  me, well minus looking after the kids and taking are of their needs and the need of everything else that need to be taken care of. Not that I’m complaing, I’m just saying that it would be nice if everyone Especially the grown up clean up after themselves, then I would’t have to clean after them at all. I mean come on now geesh. Now that that’s outta the way. I decided to write a poem about my boyfriend. I wanted to write truly based on the type of person he is. It took me about 20 mintues to write one but I did and its done. I don’t know if I want anyone reading it as of yet. I wanted to start writeing poetry from the heart and what i felt. Other then that nothing except my kids was exciting. Maybe tomorrow I will see something interesting. Well journal, Til we meet again.

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