Monday: 20th January! – Journal Entry For The Day.

(Above: – Ollie  in back & Tip in ifront – photo.)

It’s about time I wrote something in my diaries, to validate having them, eh??


I have been going through some psychological changes as well as physically,

toning and strengthening my body. I tell ya, when illness takes you down to

the doors of death and leaves you there; and you reject death and look to

fighting your way back to health and wholeness: It is a Mammoth Task!!

The first thing I noticed was my total lack of physical energy! I am a mentally

strong person, and I like to have a body which is also strong, but I have noticed

that in NZ hospitals, the meals are much like those which we had eaten 40

years ago at boarding school! A menu designed to fill ones stomach, Not

neccessarily to provide the body with energy to fight off illness or to encourage

physical fitness!

Anyway, I have come through that long period of changing my diet to match

what my fitness regieme required, and I have stuck faithfully to my Pilates routine,

daily since September last year. I was a dress size 18, when I came out of hospital .

Most of that was water-retention, then I lost all the water within that first month

at home. I was down to a size 8 in dress size, but folds of skin were hanging off

me, so I began my Pilates routine and walking on the treadmill. Small steps, in fact –

baby steps for the first 9 months, as I was adjusting to new tablets at the same time.

I can’t say enough nice things about Niels, my Heart Faliure Specialist! He has been

the perfect doctor, he has slowly eased me on to each new tablet.

He’s explained all the meds to me, and what they do: and I have reported back to him

on how they affected my body, and whether I can tolerate them etc…  – and He actually hears

what I’m saying! I waltzed into his office in August and told him that the

Spironolactone was giving me PMS symptoms which I Did Not want since I have

already passed through the Menopause, thank you very much!!! He immediately

dropped the dose to 25mg instead of 50mg. Agh! The relief of not having to put up

with over-inflated and painful boobs!!

So, my next appointment with him is in 24 days – and I have been walking out, doing

Pilates, but also resting by reading my favourite kinds of stories. Spy thrillers! I am

not pushing myself to fitness, I’m just living a different lifestyle now, which includes

lots of outdoor walking. You see, in NZ, there are No predatory animals: no snakes,

no wolves,no bears, no lions, or tigers, or wild dogs! The only predatory animals are

the 2-legged human variety! (apart from the animals in the zoo of course!)

…and that’s the reason I dont write so often. David & I are outdoorsy people and

we canboth be outdoors together. It’s lovely to walk out together, go shopping,

visiting, walking Ollie dog!

Life is good, the sadness is lifting and the smiles are returning to our faces. 🙂

Cheers! ( Hi Charlotte, Hi everybody!!)


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