My first entry

Ok…so I created this as a personal outlet. I have a wonderful group of friends that I work with in the Humane Society but some things are just not meant to be talked about with them. I love my life…HOWEVER there are things that I would love changed that just is not going to happen any time soon. We moved down to Kentucky in 2007…in 2008 my in laws came to stay with us. The plan was they were going to put a small place on our property…well guess what???? NOT!!!!! Ours house is 3 bedroom 2 bath…they have 85% of the house and pay NONE of the bills and when asked to help now and then its like pulling teeth out of a rhino. We have a friend of ours 18 year old daughter also staying with us while she is going to college. She is an AWESOME help to me with the foster animals and helps with the housework. My mom in law however is most times a royal PAIN IN MY ASS!!! Everything has to be about what SHE wants and she is sooo materialistic!!!! My father in law is pretty easy going and if it was just him he would have NO problem helping with bills…after all its HIS pension she is spending when she buys crap. They have around $4000 coming in a month…my husbands salary changes cuz he is an over the road truck driver. The ONLY bills they have is a car payment and insurance…HELLO????????? Granted in the winter months she helps with the propane bill and SOME groceries (usually for her)…I don’t mean to sound like a raving bitch but privacy in this house is NON EXISTENT!!!! I put up bifold doors  between our living room and theres but it doesnt really help. Well that is my post for now…dogs need to be fed and foster dogs need to be fed…much more to come I’m sure.  Peace and Love

2 thoughts on “My first entry”

  1. Where in Kentucky do you live? I live in London
    Sorry about your in laws, have you talked to your husband about them?
    Welcome to this site, my name is LunyLove, and I look forward to your future posts:)

  2. Hi LunyLove…I am in Ohio County Kentucky. Yes I have talked to hubby about his parents…sometimes it goes good sometimes not…oh well,it is what it is 🙂

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