Dear Grandpa

I know you won’t be able to read this grandpa but I am very sorry that I was selfish enough to not see you every year before it was too late. You mean alot to everyone in our family and it seems like part of us have went with you. You’re suffering no more grandpa, you’re with God now.

Everytime dad goes for a holiday to see you, I would say no because I thought about school more. You were always in my mind when dad asked, but I chose to stay behind even though you kept asking my dad to bring me because you never know when you will last see me.

Even though I said to myself ” Family’s first” but I still didn’t go. You first met me when I was 10, it was really nice to see your handsome face.

I would have liked to know you better but it was me that prevented it and now that’s you’re not with us, all I can say is that I’m extremely sorry you couldn’t see your granddaughter one last time, see how she grew up from the last time you saw her, had some memories with her, I will never forget you grandpa. It will be easy to hide the pain but it won’t be easy to forget family

You will always be in my heart and mind.

I’m sorry.

Everything is alright now, You’re with God. All your pain is gone but your journey to heaven has just begun. I hope to see you one day.



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