I hate Mondays….

I realize Mondays suck and all…but geez!!!!!  Let’s see we started off the day with father in law to the ER…he has several health issues and is having a SEVERE gout thing going on with his left foot.  It’s so bad it hurts to have the blanket on it.  Next hubby decides he is done with the trucking company he has been with for almost 2 years all because of buddy of his is talking up his company like its so great and he has only been there a little over a month (not enough time to brag…sorry), plus we would take a $200 a week pay cut which just will not work since the “wonderful” mother in law would rather spend money on clothes and stuff for “me, me, me” rather than actually HELP pay considering they have 85% of MY house….anyways….thankfully the other company had filled the position that was open so he is staying where he is.  On the down side of that they have cut his miles BIG TIME, so we are basically going to be hurting regardless.  My daughter is a new mother and I swear she has set a record with the amount of calls she has made to me in the last 48 hours…my grand daughter is cutting her first tooth so there are thousands of questions she comes up with every hour or so.  Next (keep in mind all this BEFORE NOON)….went out did some running around and every idiot and their long distance relatives were out on the roads and they ALL wanted to pull out in front of me.  I am part of the Humane Society for our county and we are working on transporting a couple dogs to save them from being killed at the shelter tomorrow and are getting ZERO cooperation from shelter volunteers.  We cannot hold them because we are still waiting on our tax exempt status so we have no facility we are foster based, with  me being the main foster for the dogs and I am FULL.  Tomorrow night I have a meeting for the homeless shelter and its my first meeting as their secretary and just NOW found out there are things I have to do to get ready for it but NO ONE has given me the info…AND on top of all I already do (for zero pay) I need to find a flexible part time job to help supplement what we are lacking with hubby’s check.  The only problem with that is finding one near by (not many jobs in my county) and I need MAJOR flexibility because of the homeless shelter and humane society, and running my in laws around because they are disabled (until mom in law wants to shop…THEN she can drive), and taking our house guest to school 4 days a week and the college is about half hour away one way…she is a friend of ours daughter that is staying with us while in college. Her mom was having some issues so we took her in.  She JUST got her permit (she is 18) and will be able to get her license in July…once she has that it will help me BIG TIME!!!!  So yep….that was my wonderful Monday, if tomorrow is NOT better…I am going back to bed, throwing the covers over my head and NOT coming out until I get some cooperation around here.  It would be soooo nice just to have a couple months of a “normal” life…but obviously my job in life is to care for animals/people…just wish God would give me a little break now and then. Peace and Love…and to spite it all I thank God for every day I wake up <3   

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