I am DONE having anyone steal my joy

My joy has been stolen for the LAST time today.  Every time I get back on track with God hubby, kids or in laws try to swipe it away…TODAY I have made a promise to myself to NOT let it happen anymore.  If mom in law wants to continue with her “me, me, me” attitude…GO FOR IT, if she wants to eat all the wrong things that make her fibromyalgia  flare up….GO FOR IT, if dad in law wants to eat the wrong things for his diabetes…BE MY GUEST!!!! I am DONE trying to be everyone’s “cheerleader” all the time! I have a life too.  After making around 35 phone calls to people who said they wanted to volunteer with homeless shelter projects I had a grand total of 3 actually make the time!  If you didn’t want to help DON’T volunteer.  I understand people  have lives and families, but don’t commit to something and then back out.  Now I guess I am the one going ME, ME, ME….not really meaning to, it just kinda came out that way.  Basically today’s lesson I learned…what I do for the animals and the humane society and the homeless shelter I am giving to God and doing it for HIS glory.  People that want to help….great and the ones that don’t, well that’s ok to.  I look at it this way everyone has a right to their own lives and how they live it…I just choose to do for others whenever possible…and with that…good nite and God Bless

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