Grocery store

Never would I think id use food stamps and feel so much like bum. I work every damn day of my life for hours with someone elses kids than come home to my own! But to use Ebt I feel just like a stereotype. ¬†Example I walk into the store to get milk for lucas. Of course you cant just get one thing so omw out I pick up my favorite drink, looks like a wine cooler, but is soda pop. I go to checkout and hey guess what not covered under ebt, how is that when last week I got the same one on ebt. Ive never been proud to use government assistance ever but it helps, so no I dont flaunt it and yes I try to hide it but today of course the whole store knows. What makes it worse is the soman behind me is making remarks like you dont have cash? Ill just get it for you! No miss back the hell off me please. Ive never felt so worthless or embarrassed in my ENTIRE life time…… Had to get it off my chest to someone even if no ones there.

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