im a bit patriotic in someways :P but arent we all?

Sat in college. They didn’t tell me my lessons where cancelled again! So annoying! I could have done my photoshoot at home today instead of wasting my time here doing f-all! Luckily I persuaded premises to open the photography room for two hours so I could at least do some editing! Otherwise it would have been a worthless day here again. So im glad they agreed to open it for me. -Its good I don’t muck around, or else they wouldn’t have left me in the room alone- I only had two hours in there though before they had to re-lock it all back up. But hey ho, two hours worth of time alone to edit is good enough for me.  Im now in a different part of college on the crap computers that take fookin’ hours to load one thing! Urgh. Good thing im not impatient! or it would be murder! I am now wondering if to go home or if to stick it out and stay, just to keep my mate company? Though at the same time, if I cant do anymore work here as the room is locked, and I have no actual lessons, I might as well use the time wisely and go back home and take some more photos and plan for my next lesson? Humm. I dunno.

Anyway, its a nice day today. Fookin’ freezing mind you, but nice enough to go out in. After all  im British I can handle anything!” hahaha (im a bit patriotic in some ways) (I even have my nails painted with union jacks – im weirdly talented like that.)

Anyway I hope you all are having a good day. Enjoy. Stay safe and stay warm! <3 xx




3 thoughts on “im a bit patriotic in someways :P but arent we all?”

  1. R u studying photography or do it on your own? I would love to see some pictures! I loved photography class when I was in collage.
    It’s -10 Fahrenheit right now here in Chicago this morning. Stay warm lenelopsided!

  2. I study photography 🙂 And I might post a couple, if you would like? 😀
    And thank you, I will try. You are lucky. Its raining and miserable here in England at the moment. Floods everywhere!!!! 🙁 xx

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