My sister loves anime/manga and she has loads of dvd boxsets, it has never interested me before but suddenly the front cover of her newest set caught me eye. It looked really cool, so I thought “Fuck it, why not give it a quick look” so I took it to my room and watched the first few episodes, and …..

OMFG ITS AMAZING! I love it! I love it! I LOVE IT! but just this one though, I hate the other ones (that I know of). But this one – The Fullmetal alchemist Brotherhood, is amazing! And also I have somehow managed to have a huge crush on the main character, how is that even possible. Its a made up person, a fucking drawing basically, but nope, I still don’t care as for some reason I am in love with him! What’s wrong with me! I have an anime crush! No!!!!!!! How??? Why!?!?! He’s just..omg!

seriously what has gotten into me!

And also, who ever does his voice for the English dub, is just damn right perfect!

I so want to call up a couple of directors and tell them to make a movie, or tv series out of this using real people, as I know the perfect person to play Edward (the one I love) – Jamie Campbell Bower. Give him some extensions in the back and her would look just like him 😛 hahahaha

Anyway this is how I spent my evening on Tuesday and my entire day off college yesterday and my evening tonight, knowing me! I’m almost finished with the entire box set and it consists of 10/11 disks – that’s a lot of hours! Ah well. All I can say is I have somehow managed to get an anime crush for the first and hopefully last time!  xxx

p.s. look at this gif 🙂 omg! –

Oh and these three, coz, yeah! 😛 –


Oh okay, just ‘one’ more haha  –


2 thoughts on “OMG WHATS HAPPENED TO ME!!!!”

  1. It’s awesome that you found something you’re passionate about. For the life of me, I can’t understand the appeal of anime. Then again, I don’t watch that much animated anything anymore.

  2. Same, LunyLove! I hated it, I never like it! It never appealed to me as I thought it was a load of rubbish. But now I really like it, but just this show. Not any of the others 😛

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