Glad this week is almost over

It has been a LONG week.  First event for the homeless shelter to get it started was getting a count of the homeless we have in the county.  According to the state  our county has NONE.  We have an approximate and sadly the actual turn out came out lower, but hey…it was our count and now we know how to handle the one in the summer.  My boss over the Humane Society has come up with a few FABULOUS ideas to start getting us known better in the county.  Our shelter is crap, there is another organization called Friends of the Shelter (FOTS) which do SOME rescue work but their main thing is a reasonable spay/neuter program (they are a WHOLE new story) and us…so we have come up with starting a food bank for animals 🙂 Believe it or not ALOT of the animals that were owner turn in at the shelter were due to the economy and people not having the money to feed their animals any more.  If we can get this started the shelter and FOTS can let people know when they come in that there IS help for them so they are able to keep their pet, cuz lets face it most pet owners literally THINK of their pet as a family member…I know I do, even my fosters.  Welp time to go pick hubby up from work…nite and God Bless <3

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