Life ‘aye!

I’ve been so good lately. I have restarted my diet again as I lost 3 stone the last time I dieted and I was really happy, so I want to looses some more. Don’t get me wrong, im not massively over weight or anything, I’m just over the limit of what the doctors think is ‘expectable’ now. But I am overweight apparently! Even after loosing all that! Its hard for me as I have to juggle college, work, looking after my mum and my self. Me and her are both disabled, but I can still walk and move my arms more, so I don’t care about my pain, I just concerntrait on tying to make her life easier and more comfortable. She needs all the help she can get. We have even, finally got are extension approved by the council so she can have a downstairs bedroom. My mum has never been able to get up the stairs to her room anyway. So finally she will have her own bed to sleep in, finally after all these years! Im so excited for her, but its also a huge strain on me, as I am the one who is still having to juggle everything I have going on right now. And now we are having to give up half our kitchen for her room, its tiny as it is, and they are taking away our pantry, so I haven’t a clue where we are going to stock the food or pots and pans as, like I said, half the kitchen will be gone, so that includes the other cupboards too. Oh well, if it means my mum can have a bed and her own room for once, then I don’t care, I will have all the stuff in my room if needs be must! She means the world to me so who cares if my room is now a storage cupboard! haha! We even have an approval for a wet room, so that will also be a big weight of my shoulders! Oh and after months and months for hard work and saving, I have managed to get her a mobility scooter! But its specially adapted for her, as she cant bend her knees. and her wrist and elbow are locked in place, so things had to be adjusted, which meant even more money and stress. But hey! things are looking up for us, as its all starting to look brighter for my mum. I’m glad I could finally afford a mobility scooter, as she never gets out of the house. And if she does its only trips back and forth from hospital or the doctors! Its so unfair she has to be stuck inside the house all day!

Anyway back to what I was saying, yes, its all looking good on that side of things, bit more to handle now, but I will get through it, I always do!

So when it comes to sticking to a healthy diet, its hard, as I don’t have much time to be eating myself. I am always busy cooking for the family, and feeding my mum/making sure everything is okay, that I often have to skip meals or last on just fruit. I snack on fruit all day, I tend to always have a banana with me, due to my folic acid deficiency! But yeah! im doing good so far, im making sure I have time to eat, or I will eat at the same time as my mum. so I sit and eat while I help her eat. It always makes her laugh, as sometime I try to head her my fork, instead of hers! So funny. I’m even trying to fit in a couple of gym sessions, though its hard, as it has to be while I have a study period at college and when i’m not at work or ‘working’ at home. And to top it off the gym have to make sure someone’s in there, as im disabled, so I have to be supervised incase there’s an issue! Its so stupid! If I can look after 3 other people, I can surely look after my self when im on a bloody running machine! twats! But I appreciate the concern, so I let them off and let them get on with their worrying, though im sure its only so they don’t get a bad name, either way I don’t care! haha

Anyway, I hope everyone is good and having a good day, as Its Friday! The weekend starts soon!

P.S. I will post some pic’s of my photography some when soon – or link you to my fb page to see them 🙂 xx

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