We are Moving within Sight of My Mountain – in 2014.


Special well wishes to Charlotte. I hope that you, your husband and “Sprout your dog, are all well and safe and warm! Today’s the 1st of February, so it’s also the last month of winter up north, just as it’s the last month of our summer. Our summer has been staggeringly humid and hot, of course it does not help when the southern Wairarapa is set in a valley, stuck between two sets of mountain ranges. I cannot wait to get out of here! The hot is extreme!!!!!…. and the winter cold is extreme!!!

We have longed to live over on the west coast of NZ. We have been enquiring about properties to rent, (don’t want to own a house, and we don’t need to own more land,) in Patea (pronounced… Pah – te (as in te-ddy) – ah!   Pa -te -a.

Patea is built on a range of hills, right beside a black sand beach and the western ocean, I have photographs but I must search for them. It’s quiet and has a small town population of less than a thousand people. There is no industry there anymore – so most folk have left the area. The port is no longer used,many homes have been torn down and the land has reverted to pasture for farming and agricultural use. It’s just a seaside town now.

In the winter of 2005, I stood in the middle of the main street and looked directly north from Patea and saw ‘a glorious mountain’ sat at the very end of the 2 mile strait of road. I fell in love with a mountain that day!

This is where I would like to live – until my health is up to speed again, which may take a couple more years – then we’ll have to see what happens after that!

Emmi 🙂

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  1. Hi my sweet emmi:) And how are you and your family? Your mountain looks like our mountain here in Oregon MT Hood:)It is beautiful emmi. I can see you living right there by your mountain emmi. someday emmi you will be there and then you will have to invite me and Scott and little one Sprout to come and see your mountain in person:) I am so glad you are doing well and having a good week. I will put a picture if Mt hood on my journal for you to see. Hugs Charlotte,

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