Life as of now.

Everything is changing. I have been working two jobs, and I completely hate one of them. I am quitting though because this girl is finally going back to school! (: I graduated two years ago so it is long over due for me. I am 19, almost 20 now and I feel like I really haven’t amounted to much in my life… but I feel like all of that is changing now. Pretty soon me and my boyfriend are going to have our own place again, we are both gonna be in school, we both have jobs, and we both have plans for our future together. We are trying to have a kid, and thou we have been trying for almost 8 months now, I feel like there is a reason it hasn’t happened yet. I feel like maybe fate was just waiting for everything to fall into place for us and maybe we will have better luck now that we are getting completely back on our feet.

My boyfriend and I both know we are going to spend the rest of our lives together, but he doesn’t want to get married until we are like almost thirty… I don’t wanna wait that long. I don’t wanna seem pushy, but I feel like maybe he doesn’t want to get married because he’s worried we won’t work? I want to spend my life with him and I just want him to know that he is the one, and I feel like truly asking him to marry me would truly show that to him so he wouldn’t have so many doubts.. I love him. More than anyone could ever understand. I have been thinking about proposing to him, would that be wrong? Honestly, I want everyone’s opinion and advice.

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