I just watched the Chanel 4 live show about benefits..boy was it a passion fueled show..

Everyone has an opinion even White D (you may have seen her on Benefits Street) was given a voice right down to much hated Katie (a contestant of The Apprentice), it seemed everyone had something to say with the show becoming quite loud and vocal..I believe Edwina Curry got into an argument with a blogger who tok offence of what Edwina had to say and swore at her on live tv….well if that’s not drama what is..

There were a lot of benefit related issues discussed and nearly everyone had a very strong opinion, some even posed the question that should we not be concentrating more on the corrupt bankers or the tax avoidance cheats who seem to walk around without any recriminations…

The thing is a lot of the arguments had credibility and further more there were facts which put paid to bed some of the pre conceptions we have about benefit. For instance the largest sum of benefits is being paid to the pensioners..don’t shoot me I am just stating a fact…one which is there are more pensioners in this country than there are younger work age people….and yes I believe pensioners deserve their pension even if they have a private pension too…yes you could say that if a pensioner is in a position to they should not accept the state pension,,,but the other side of that argument is that they have worked for their state pension and deserve to have some returned back to them…the other argument is that are we creating a culture of dependancy, and should we be so quick to pay benefits to immigrants withing months of them entering the Country.

You see I could see both sides of the very many arguments which were discussed in the sixty minute live show… I thought I would have my say, much easier to say what I want in my own jurnal and I know slightly cowardice of me,,,but, hey ho I don’t crave the lime light of live tv nor I’m I brave enough to broach such a subject with people whose emotions are so strong that the producers had to keep changing the subject whilst trying to listen to what each person had to say.

Anyway back to my own opinions and yes I have some too.  I definitely support the benefit system, it is the bedrock of what makes England what it is today. What I don’t agree with is when a person abuses the systems for their own selfish needs. I think that the system is there to help those who are too sick to works and those who need the extra income as a tax credit to be able to live within an acceptable is there to help those who are unemployed while they hunt for jobs. Did you know the lager portion of benefits is paid in tac credits meaning those who are working are having their income topped up,, this is a two way streak it is said that if an employer paid a living wage rather than the minimum wage the effect of this would be such that a persons income would take them out of the tax credit threshold,,there fore more people would not be claiming,,but, in order to do this,, the government would need to increase the minimum wage to the living wage,,in order to do this they would need to get on board the help of all employers and then these employers may not be able to afford to pay for such a wage thus adding to the unemployment line,,,the circle continues…doesn’t it


I know you probably think I am rabbiting on, not making much sense but, well it is my diary log and I’n not expecting to win a pulitzer by my feeble attempt but, please feel free to comment after an opinion shared is simply one step closer to a beginning of a very passionate discussion.

Signing out now….



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