Porn Recovery day 2

Day 2

All in all today was a fantastic day i did all my school played with the boys enjoyed life. I went for 3 hours of martial arts 🙂 although today i’ve been having terrible thoughts of naked women and women being banged its horrible i can’t wait to get this out of my head:) everyday i’m a day closer:) also i really realized that theres no way to do this without 2 things 1. Prayer and meditating 2. A buddy teacher or someone i can trust to look upon for help 🙂 right now idk who it is but i want Collin to be my Prayer workout buddy:) and I am going to ask God and the holy Blessed Mother to send me someone who i can trust with all my thoughts words actions and hold me accountable while at the same time be able to give me spiritual advise so that through the power of my Lord and God i may rise up to great heights on the plane of consciousness and may serve to love spread peace and save souls for Greater Glory with a profound Passion

End of thoughts Day 2

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